New Moon Wishes!! Aquarius, baby…

One of the very bestest things about being really busy then finally slowing down, is the gleeful discovery of things you love and haven’t had time for. Hooray! I dove into the astrology portion of my reader this evening for the first time in for-ev-er! And good thing, because the new moon in Aquarius is coming right up real fast. And I really love wishing on the new moon. It’s such a fantastic turning inward moment each lunar cycle: Stop. Sit. Ruminate on the power of that particular new moon. Clarify. Check intuition. Write…. Love it!!

Here’s what Jan Spiller has to say about it:

“Because this New Moon is in the sign of AQUARIUS, it is the most potent New Moon of the year for wishes involving new beginnings in friendships and taking steps to make your larger life goals and dreams come true.  Things you may have wanted to happen in your life for a long time can begin easily manifesting through using the boost of this friendly and intelligent New Moon.”

More details, including her carefully-refined process for writing down your wishes, and more about this particular moon, can be found here. Happy Wishing!!

❤ QM

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SO CLOSE! WA Senators to Call about Marriage Equality…Pretty Please

There’s a part of me that lives in post-gender-apocalypse land and is most interested in finding moments to push into the in-between-places and celebrate the genderqueermagic everywhere. Ideally expressed through actions like craft projects that end in rainbow unicorn horns. Or just trying to lift the lid off of our notions of gender in general – through any means.

And…as an engaged homo (yup, I’m both queermagical AND a homo- all that and a bag o chips, if you want to get technical), I really want to be able to get legally married to the love of my life, and according to our official documents, we’re both women. We want to get married for a bunch of reasons, but I don’t feel the need justify that to anyone. Just CUZ WE WANT TO. And should be able to. So check it out:

Two Votes Away from Marriage Equality

‘Meet the handful of undecided Washington State senators who will determine whether same-sex marriage is legalized 
this year—and here’s their contact info, too!’


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‘Slut Shaming and Why it’s Wrong’



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To Bed, For Now

It has come to my attention that the time in my life I used to dedicate to my own spiritual path has switched over to reading blogs. And it takes an amazing amount of time and energy to ‘keep up’. I may pick this up again at some point. But for now, to bed.

Thanks for following, and to my amazing friends who have supported me in being QueerMagical online!

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Because Consumer Protection is, Indeed, Sexy

What’s in your sex toys?

A piece published in Spiegel Online last Friday reports on an effort by Germany’s Green Party to push the government to do something about the use of phthalates and other chemicals in the manufacturing of sex toys. The paper is titled “Sexual Health as a Consumer Protection Issue.” Their argument is that if the government regulates other consumer products to protect the public, they should not be treating products used for sexual pleasure any differently simply because they have to do with sex. German Greens Warn of Dangerous Dildos (About: Sexuality)

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Happy 4th: “On hipsters/hippies and Native culture”

Image by Jenn Mussari, featured at the Native Appropriations Blog

Now that we have a beloved and easily frightened cat living with us, I officially hate 4th of July (except the part where I get to hang out with extended family, including kiddos, in the sun and water all day). Ok, so I only hate SOME parts of the holiday. The good family stuff actually takes up most of the day….

Anyways, a colonial holiday is a good excuse to share something I’ve been sitting on, so here ’tis: a Racialiscious post from last spring by Jessica Yee that was originally published at Bitch Magazine.

Feminist Intersection: On hipsters/hippies and Native culture

“I know my parents, grandparents, aunties and uncles have had to deal with this in their time and it’s certainly not a new thing –but it’s 2010 and not only does it still continue strongly to this day – it’s taken some interesting turns down the erasure of true origins road. This isn’t a hate letter, or reverse racism (as if there were such a thing!). It’s also not an attempt to discourage you from finding out more about Native people – and in fact I strongly ENCOURAGE you to do some actual research and knowledge seeking so you might get our culture right and think twice about things like permission and respect before you act on your appropriation.

So to the hipsters/hippies who appropriate Native culture but aren’t First Nations/Aboriginal/Indigenous, I’m asking you nicely now, to PLEASE stop annoying (the fuck out of) me with the following:”

Follow this link for the list. Happy 5th of July. QM

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Pubic lice + Brady Bunch and Airline Travel with Vibrators

Already shared this with colleagues, thought y’all might enjoy as well (I mean, those of ‘y’all’ who aren’t already my colleagues)…

I couldn’t help but share this. Excerpts of PerezHilton’s post  ‘Carol Brady Got Crabs From A One Night Stand!

As a sex educator, I try to be as stigma-reducing as I can with STIs, but I also want to share what the voices of pop culture are really saying:

“Florence Henderson admitted that she got crabs after having a one night stand with the mayor of New York at the time, John Lindsay.

…She then says that when she went home later that night, she awoke to “little black things” all over her bed and body!!

EWWWWW! So gross!

After an urgent call to her doctor, she was diagnosed with “pubic lice” and was sent a bouquet of flowers and a note of apology from the mayor.

Florence says: “Guess I learned the hard way that crabs do not discriminate but cross over all socioeconomic strata. He must have had quite the active life. What a way to put the kibosh on a relationship.”

LOLz! Um, yes! And thank you for the graphic details on your sex life!

Yuck! Carol Brady would have NEVER behaved that way!”

from SFGate

And an important piece about vibrators and airline travel from SFGate:
“If you pack a vibrator, don’t get shaken by TSA

The Transportation Safety Administration, whose job it is to consider fully such matters, has decreed that vibrators are OK. The TSA says whips, chains, leashes, restraints and manacles are OK, too. Any law-abiding citizen has the right to carry any such device onto an airplane…. TSA spokesman Nico Melendez said passengers could save time with a little common sense. Inspectors are doing their job. They are trained professionals and they know a vibrator when they see one….. Carol Queen, the celebrated San Francisco sex expert, lecturer and proprietor of the Good Vibrations chain of sex stores, has traveled the world with her carry-on bags full of vibrators and other paraphernalia. Vibrators, she says, are not the problem. Shame about vibrators is the problem. “There’s no reason to be embarrassed,” said Queen. “If an inspector asks you about it, look [them] in the eye and tell [them] it’s your vibrator.” There isn’t a lot left to say….

“Remember, vibrators have been around longer than airplanes.”

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