“One way to find queer magic is to be told you’re a freak—and decide for yourself that’s OK. In fact, it’s fucking fabulous….” Queer Magic Portland

There can be great freedom in being on the outside. There can also be great pain, but that’s not what I’m here to celebrate. QueerMagic is about taking that freedom and running with it. And maybe glinting as dust in a moon-beam, or running as cool soothing water over a hot rock in the sun. Or maybe adding just the right ingredients to the potion to envision and shape reality into the more magical and just world we want to see.

QueerMagic can be a powerful tool for seeking Justice. QueerMagic applies play, sauce, tears, hearts-broken-open, self-awareness, discipline, humor, practice, beauty and ritual to visioning and living in a more Just world.

About Me:

I’ve been an educator ever since my very first job as a touch tank tour guide at the Seattle Aquarium. More recently, I’ve have worked in domestic violence providing prevention education, as a Garden-Based Nutrition Educator, and have traveled throughout the Northwest facilitating trainings on various topics. I currently teach sex ed to youth, parents and educators.

I am a witch/priestess-in-training. I identify as both female and a magical creature. I live with my partner/beloved playmate and our black cat Willow.

When I daydream (if I’m not imagining I’m Xena: Warrior Princess in ancient Greece) I am dreaming of a more Just and Sex-Positive world. And sometimes I combine the two.


One Response to About

  1. Hey, thanks for reading my blog! I often joke (only half joking) that I know I have at least three readers – my mother, my father, and partner. It’s always great to hear that there’s a fourth, or more. Now I will read yours, too! Feel free to comment on anything you read on TJP – I would really like to see more participation on the blog. I’m wondering if this is something you’ve struggled with too? Anyway, cool to have an exchange.



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