SO CLOSE! WA Senators to Call about Marriage Equality…Pretty Please

There’s a part of me that lives in post-gender-apocalypse land and is most interested in finding moments to push into the in-between-places and celebrate the genderqueermagic everywhere. Ideally expressed through actions like craft projects that end in rainbow unicorn horns. Or just trying to lift the lid off of our notions of gender in general – through any means.

And…as an engaged homo (yup, I’m both queermagical AND a homo- all that and a bag o chips, if you want to get technical), I really want to be able to get legally married to the love of my life, and according to our official documents, we’re both women. We want to get married for a bunch of reasons, but I don’t feel the need justify that to anyone. Just CUZ WE WANT TO. And should be able to. So check it out:

Two Votes Away from Marriage Equality

‘Meet the handful of undecided Washington State senators who will determine whether same-sex marriage is legalized 
this year—and here’s their contact info, too!’


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