Happy 4th: “On hipsters/hippies and Native culture”

Image by Jenn Mussari, featured at the Native Appropriations Blog

Now that we have a beloved and easily frightened cat living with us, I officially hate 4th of July (except the part where I get to hang out with extended family, including kiddos, in the sun and water all day). Ok, so I only hate SOME parts of the holiday. The good family stuff actually takes up most of the day….

Anyways, a colonial holiday is a good excuse to share something I’ve been sitting on, so here ’tis: a Racialiscious post from last spring by Jessica Yee that was originally published at Bitch Magazine.

Feminist Intersection: On hipsters/hippies and Native culture

“I know my parents, grandparents, aunties and uncles have had to deal with this in their time and it’s certainly not a new thing –but it’s 2010 and not only does it still continue strongly to this day – it’s taken some interesting turns down the erasure of true origins road. This isn’t a hate letter, or reverse racism (as if there were such a thing!). It’s also not an attempt to discourage you from finding out more about Native people – and in fact I strongly ENCOURAGE you to do some actual research and knowledge seeking so you might get our culture right and think twice about things like permission and respect before you act on your appropriation.

So to the hipsters/hippies who appropriate Native culture but aren’t First Nations/Aboriginal/Indigenous, I’m asking you nicely now, to PLEASE stop annoying (the fuck out of) me with the following:”

Follow this link for the list. Happy 5th of July. QM

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