To Close out Pride Weekend: Don’t Say ‘Gay’, say ‘Takei’

Happy Pride Everyone!!!

I sure do feel proud. Today I feel especially proud of and grateful for my family. My dad and sister and partner are the COOLEST EVER. I come from kick-ass folks as far up the line as I’ve met when they were/are living. I have cousins who have cheer-leaded for me to be happy in my relationships even after they knew I was a big homo. And aunts who have surprised and delighted me with their recognition of mi pareja as part of my family.

If I were to be totally honest, Pride for me is mostly just another excuse to wear costumes in public (inherited that inclination from my dad) and be around a bunch of freaks. But I also know I live/work/relate in communities that allow for me to have a lot of fun being gay all the time, and that’s not true for so many people! On that note, I’ll leave you to this video from George Takei, in case you you don’t live in a place where you can be so blatantly Pride-ful all the time. Maybe you can’t even say ‘gay’? …I know it’s been around for a bit but it somehow never gets old!

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