Wanna Make a Seasonal/Holy Day Altar But Don’t Know How?

As Solstice approaches, my bday altar is about to be replaced by my beloved’s, but USUALLY our main altar reflects the turning of the Wheel of the Year and the corresponding holy days. Since Litha/Solstice is just two days away here in the Northern Hemisphere, and it’s still Sunday here on the West Coast, it’s not to late to create a Solstice altar in your own spot.

Want to create your own altar but don’t know where to start? Personally I search:

1. The natural signs of the season – I mean, I’m not SEEing the sun out there too much from behind the clouds, but I DO know that’s what this holy day is all about. Plus it gives us those early dawns, and as a morning person, a sunlit early morning cup of coffee… (swoon)… pure bliss.

2. My creative imagination coupled with stories I or my community(ies) have attached to that seasonal turning point.

photo by digimist - sweetzspot.com

3. The interweb. Yup. Cuz I can. One of my favorite places to go a-searchin’ for altar inspiration is, once again, Patti Wigington’s articles on about.com. Follow the link to find the Litha Altar Photo Gallery compiled from reader submissions, or find the Photo Galleries for other Sabbats here.

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One Response to Wanna Make a Seasonal/Holy Day Altar But Don’t Know How?

  1. Roar says:

    Thank you, I am definitely doing this, once the house looks more like a house 🙂

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