QueerMagic Suggests: Birthday Altar!

I Love Ritual – and I firmly believe that when it comes to ritual, you get out what you put in.

Since it’s my birthday tomorrow, my Beloved Playmate and I have been talking a lot about birthday rituals. We’re working on weaving some rituals/traditions we know and love, and ones we’ve learned or made up, into a beautiful chosen-family co-creation. Magically, the following post went up TODAY. Had.To.Share.

For some people birthdays are just another day, but for others, it’s often seen as a special time. After all, it’s a milestone — it marks the anniversary of your arrival on earth! Whether you’re having a small group of friends over for cake, or going out to a big party at your favorite club, sometimes it’s important to take a few moments just for ourselves to mark our birthdays. You can do this by setting up a birthday altar to celebrate the journey your life has led you on thus far….”

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