Psychology Today and Accountability (lack thereof)

TransGriot – I feel like pausing right there because I LOVE this blog. You wanna laugh and maybe cry a little while reading about current issues in social justice and get some women- and Texas-centric sports news on the side? Get it! TransGriot: ‘News, opinions, commentary, history and a little creative writing from a proud African-American transwoman about the world around her.’

Ahem, okay. On to business….

TransGriot posted yesterday about the latest in the Psychology Today racist pseudoscience debacle. (For background on the issue, check out this post from the Therapeutic Justice Project). TransGriot writes…

You think you can publish an article by a psychologist with a history of race baiting, yank it off your site when the wrath of the African American community and our allies comes raining down on you and try to justify the initial Kanazawa article with another one by a different psychologist trying to spin it as ‘jump starting a dialogue’?

Oh hell, no.

To read the full post: Naw Psychology Today, We Haven’t Forgotten About the Black Woman Bashing Article

And there’s a petition!! Because you may have been wondering: ‘so what DOES accountability look like when an institution with so much power effs up so royally?’ Yeah, me too. is one of the places making things happen – click here to put your name on it.

Because of the damage that this kind of misinformation creates for both the public and Psychology Today, we demand the following:

1) a public statement from Psychology Today editors demonstrating accountability for the article itself and the editorial conditions that allowed this article to be published on your website,

2) the removal of Satoshi Kanazawa as a contributor to your website, magazine, and any other Psychology Today publications based on his history of discredited research and repeatedly submitting racially biased articles to Psychology Today, including this most recent disturbing article that your editors chose to abruptly scrub from your website,

3) and the development of more thoughtful and sophisticated strategies for identifying how racism, sexism, homophobia/transphobia, and other oppressions and biases shape any so-called “objective” scientific inquiries, methodologies, and findings that your contributors examine in your publications.  These strategies should be communicated to the public in an effort to be more transparent about how you are disrupting bias in your reporting.

Also, please visit this additional important petition demanding that “psychological professional associations to devise a formal statement alerting the public that, given their track record, Psychology Today should not be considered a reliable source of psychological knowledge.”

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