‘Glee’ as Homosexual Propaganda

I sent this post out in email form to my colleagues a few weeks ago (I love my job!!!). But thought it was still news fit to print, so here ’tis!

I tend to cover my ears with headphones playing loud, gay disco music whenever those Westboro Baptist Church people get to talking, so watching this video on SheWired of Bryan Fischer saying being gay is as dangerous as using illegal IV drugs was quite eye opening for me. I encourage you to check it out here if you haven’t heard their spiel before. So fascinating:

And because I imagine you might want to see the rest of the offending music video featured, here’s the link. It was from this Tuesday’s show. The shirts they wear in it all have back story in the show about things they didn’t like about themselves or got teased about, etc and are working on coming to terms with.

ps I just want to acknowledge there are a couple of uncool parts of Lady Gaga’s song, mainly the part where she uses the term ‘orient’ as an identity. I hate it when a fabulous song gets ruined by a couple of words!!! So frustrating, especially with this song.

pps Yes, Santana’s shirt there at the end was made by Brittany and was supposed to say ‘Lesbian’, but Brittany isn’t a good speller. Santana’s basically hiding in the audience because she’s not ready to come out as lesbian yet. AND the jock next to her, Kurt’s former bully, is also in the closet. And when Rachel was going to get a nose job, the glee club staged a ‘Barbara-vention’ with an instrumental that included only two words: ‘Barbara’ and ‘Streisand’.

So yup, it WAS pretty gay.

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