Ricky Martin Coming Out is STILL a Really Freakin’ Big Deal

In my house, Ricky Matin’s Lo Mejor De Mi Vida Eres Tú is a fairly consistent source of joy. We are known to dance to it in our kitchen , giggling the whole time. Part of the fun of those moments is the recognition that Ricky Martin singing this song just post-coming out, with that huge grin on his face, is a really big deal. And talking about what a big deal it is never seems to get old, so I was excited to find this post about just how GAY Ricky Martin’s MAS tour was on Blabbeando. As I am reminded in my own work, sometimes you know you’re doing something important when people are so threatened by the change you are inspiring that they feel the need to stand outside with signs. Even if you don’t read the whole article, you’ve gotta watch the video clip of the concert. Enjoy!

Early on, I saw Ricky Martin’s coming out as an important opportunity for queer boys in the U.S. and Latino América who, in their isolation, would now have the opportunity to bear witness to a Latin superstar move openly in his public’s eyes as gay. Months after his coming out, I hailed Ricky’s appearance on the front cover of People en Español’s Father’s Day issue as an important historical moment for our communities. With a readership of 6.4 million people, Ricky, with his two children (Valentino and Matteo) in arms, would be on Supermercado stands and coffee tables across the country.
And yet, it took Christian protestors to make me realize that even I, in all my pro-Ricky arguments, had underestimated just how important he has become. I only hope that in the future I am not blindsided by my own limited capacity to imagine what Ricky Martin has in store for the future.”
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