Welcome to QueerMagic

Dear friends,

I have just arrived back from a soul-replenishing vacation with some of my favorite humans in the whole world in Asheville, NC.  Juicy conversations were had, dreams were explored, and I came away (in no small part because of some sweet cheerleading from friends) with the commitment that I would finally start this blog. Honestly, the big hurdle in creating a first post has been the daunting task of defining QueerMagic. How could I possibly capture it in words? Then I found the Queer Magic community in Portland online. In almost every single way, I couldn’t have said it better myself. So for today, I am going to share excerpts from their manifesto:

“…Queer magic drips from our fingers. It’s the music that plays as we walk through the world. It’s divine creativity coming through and bursting into beauty all around us. One way to find queer magic is to be told you’re a freak—and decide for yourself that’s OK. In fact, it’s fucking fabulous…. Queer magic transforms sex from something to hide…to a transcendent force that pulses up through our wide-open hearts and explodes the crowns of our heads. It turns gender into sacred masquerade, and shows us our own divine nature in the mirror of the beloved’s face. It makes us comfortable with paradox, at home on the threshold. It lets us play together in a realm beyond binary dualism and hierarchies of dominance. Queer magic stitches lovers and friends into a quilt of community. It breaks us free from the fragmented isolation of consumerist sprawl, and creates new forms of family based on love and generosity. Queer magic may call us to certain archetypal roles: artist, shaman, diva, healer, witch, clown, priest[ess]. But whatever roles we play—however flamboyant or low-key our style—queer magic means expressing our authentic essence in everything we do….”

One bit that shows up but I want to expand on is that QueerMagic is (for me at least) a powerful tool for seeking Justice. QueerMagic applies play, sauce, tears, hearts-broken-open, self-awareness, discipline, humor, practice, beauty and ritual to visioning and living in a more just world.


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One Response to Welcome to QueerMagic

  1. Sarahbeth says:

    I am so so so excited, happy, proud, eager, jubilant, thirsty, and just plum tickled about this! You are my sexpert and such a joy. I can’t wait to read, be inspired, learn, laugh and cry. Congrats dearest. This is the start of something wonderful!

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