Sex Positive Parenting with Susie Bright in Seattle!

I am super excited for the training I am going to be involved in this weekend and all the amazing folks I will be there with AND…. I cry a little every time I am reminded of this workshop at Babeland that I am going to miss on Sunday. I will have to find a way to meet this hero of mine another day.

How Raising Kids Changes Your Sex Life… and Foretells Theirs
A Sex-Positive Parenting Workshop with Susie Bright
Place: Babeland, Seattle, 707 E. Pike Street 
Time: Sunday, May 22, 7:30-9 PM
Pre-register to Reserve Your Spot: 206.328.2914
“Let’s unpack the sexual revolution of parenthood, from the time when you first get pregnant, the baby-and-little-kid years— to finally, the real marathon: kids reaching puberty and mom hitting menopause. 
What’s a sex-positive parent to do? —There’s your own life as a lover and a parent, and then there’s seeing your children develop their own sexual perceptions and values.  Yes, this IS the place to talk about things you won’t hear on Oprah. There’s physical and practical information to share, and emotional and ethical questions that can’t be ignored. 
What are the most important things you can do, as a parent, to give your children sexual sanity? How do you nurture and enjoy your own mojo as the years go by?
Come with your questions— I’ll have plenty more for you, plus some answers you won’t hear anyplace else.”
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